Shamballa Multidimensional Healing 

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing (MDH) is a gift from God and from Master Saint Germain. Shamballa MDH was revealed in 1996 to John Armitage, one of the five Melchizedeks on Earth better known as Hari Das. 
Shamballa means unconditional Love. It stands for freedom and love. Shamballa is not just a way of healing, it is a way to accelerate your own spiritual growth and development. 
Shamballa and the myth of Shambhalla 
Shambhalla is a Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace or place of silence” and is mentioned in Buddhist and Hindu texts. Shambhalla is a mythical Buddhist kingdom said to exist somewhere between the Himalayan Mountains and the Gobi Desert. In Shambhalla, all citizens have attained enlightenment, so it is the epitome of Tibetan Buddhist perfection. 
Shamballa’s origins lie in the sunken realm of Atlantis and were all but lost thousands of years ago. Now Master Saint Germain is in the process of offering this lost knowledge back to humanity. It is now time to fully heal and release traumas. This energy is also called the energy of the ‘Aquarius Age’, also called the energy of the New Age, which we are in the middle of right now. 

Master Saint Germain 
Beautiful and special stories have been written about Master Saint Germain. Saint Germain’s identity and background are shrouded in mystery, leading to speculation about his parentage and ancestors. 
Saint Germain, an Ascended Master, appeared in various guises in various countries under various names over several centuries. 
He was a man of many special qualities, photographic memory, a very learned man and spoke many languages ​​such as German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Sanskrit, Arabic and Chinese with amazing fluency. 
Also a talented painter, inventor, writer, musician (violinist), one of the best swordsmen and alchemist, who had discovered the secret of transmutation. He was a man with an enormous wealth of knowledge on many subjects. He worked in the background for the spiritual advancement of mankind. 
There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding Master Saint Germain. 
He is said to have healed people with herbs and his elixir of life. He was a merciful man who assisted the less fortunate financially and with good advice. He possessed a charismatic aura that radiated youthfulness, knowledge, strength, skill and wealth. 
In the 18th century, Master Saint Germain achieved his ascension. 
Light Master and Ascended Master Saint Germain is holder of the Violet Flame and ruler of the New Age. The Violet Flame helps to clear the mind, release the true emotions and relax your whole body. It ultimately leads to inner peace and balance. 
Master Saint Germain’s healings transform everything you don’t need and that is no longer serving to bring you to the Highest Good. This is something that appeals to people who are adventurous and love freedom. 
What can I experience during a Shamballa energy treatment? 
A Shamballa energy treatment feels like a warm, pleasant relieving experience that gives peace, healing energy, clarity and joy. 
A Shamballa treatment works harmoniously and will appeal to and activate the self-healing capacity of the body. Complaints on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level, for example pain, fears and other disorders, can be greatly reduced or sometimes even completely resolved. You can feel the healing energy flowing in the body. 
The energy that is used is healing life energy from all earthly to the highest Divine energy. Shamballa Healing, like Reiki, is a way of transmitting energy. 

What is the difference between Reiki energy and Shamballa MDH? 
Shamballa MDH is the continuation of the Usui Reiki System. Shamballa energy is many times stronger than the Reiki energy. You can say that Reiki is energy of the 3rd dimension and Shamballa MDH is energy of the 5th dimension. The Shamballa MDH energy has received a number of upgrades over time. The Shamballa energy that we are allowed to work with becomes stronger and stronger because of this. 
The Shamballa energy is many times stronger than the Reiki energy. You could think of it as Reiki 2.0. You can compare Reiki with a 5 Watt strong lamp and Shamballa with a 50 Watt strong lamp. 
How does Shamballa MDH work? 
Shamballa works Multi Dimensionally, which can accelerate a healing process. Shamballa has a healing effect on all layers of a person. This is on an energetic, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. 
Can everyone receive and/or learn Shamballa MDH? 
Yes, anyone can learn, use and/or receive it. You just have to want to try it. 
Source: Joshua David Stone PhD, The ascended masters light the way – Beacons of ascension

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