Love, The Ancient Traveler

Love is life
The most ancient traveler in this universe is neither man nor woman, but a mystery without which our existence would become in vain. That mystery is the very basis of life in this planet and cannot be revealed by mere intellectual pursuits, psychological analysis or scientific experiments. It is unveiled only to those fortunate few who have learned to love others and thus have made love a goal of life.

Love means total selfless service
According to the great sages love means to give without expectations of any reward. Service done toward others is the real expression of love. Learn to love others and demonstrate that love through selfless service.

Ahimsa – love bears all things and endures all things
Nowhere will you find a true definition of love except in yoga science. In yoga science ahimsa means love. A means ‘no’, himsa means ‘killing, hurting, harming or injuring with mind, action and speech.’ If you follow these rules you will be practicing love.

Love and nonattachment
Love is a source of freedom. There is a vast difference between attachment and love. Love means to give selflessly; attachment means to possess. You repeat the word love a thousand times throughout the day without actually understanding what it is. Love has a sense of equality, attachment does not. Whereas love is life and knowledge, attachment has no life. In love you give selflessly and do not expect anything in return, in attachment you want to take and possess things and have no concept of what it means to give. One who is non-attached knows the value of love. One who has known God’s world can no longer remain attached to the superficial things of the world and can genuinely and unselfishly love others.

Attachment is always dependent on others or on a particular object that will inevitably change, whereas love is purely dependent on knowledge and the reality. Love is pure and divine.

Loving your duties
All your actions should be prayers. Freedom comes when you do your duties with love. You can use the duties you have assumed as a means to obtain the happiness that is the ultimate state of bliss. Whatever you do, do it with love, or don’t do it at all.

Love as healer
Above and beyond medicine you can heal others if you have an intense desire to serve others with love. You have that potential, but you have not yet explored it. Human beings are still incomplete in the process of evolution. That completion will be possible when you learn to love others and serve without any selfish motivation.

The key to healing is selflessness, love, dynamic will and undivided devotion. Love is the real healer.

Source: Swami Rama, The Ancient Traveler – Writings on Love

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