Empowerment for individuals

We offer a variety of bespoke programs that can be facilitated on an individual or group basis that bring together like-minded people with similar goals.

Each of us faces difficult challenges, decisions and thoughts on a daily basis. Some arise from marked changes in our external situation, such as graduating from college, losing a job or loved one, the end of a relationship, or being diagnosed with an illness.

Others are less obvious, such as internal pressures to get more out of life, lack of self-confidence, a sense of urgency to achieve goals in life or strengthen our relationships.

In today’s hectic lifestyle we sometimes forget to allow ourselves to acknowledge, process and confront these challenges; with the result that we avoid these challenges and ignore that they exist.

Vedanta Wellbeing PhD believes that we will live happier and healthier lives in the long run if we take the time to prioritize and address these challenges. As a result, we are more satisfied with the decisions we make, we have more confidence in the actions we take, and we have a positive effect on our environment.

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Coping with the end of a romantic relationship

The trauma caused by the ending of a romantic relationship can have short- and long-term psychological and physical repercussions.

Immediately after the break-up, as a means to help patients sleep better, we’ve helped them to openly discuss their coping strategies and thought processes. Then through a series of meditation and dietary counselling sessions, helped them to rebalance their mind due in part to eating more consciously.

By undertaking this process, a fertile ground for coping better during these upsetting circumstances is achieved. Furthermore, a stable hormone status and regular eating and sleeping patterns will gradually return some normality to everyday life.

The intense pain caused by varicose veins

We’ve hosted a programme in which women experiencing the extreme pain caused by varicose veins have received psychological support, to help them deal with the regularity of living with the pain. We have also provided all patients with a daily meditation and physiotherapy programme that helps relieve the extremity of the pain suffered.

Becoming a self-confident grown up

The rapport with our parents during our youth is a prelude to how we respond to relationships in later life, if it be a romantic relationship or our interaction with friends and colleagues. Uncontentious love or attention from parents or previous partners can lead to separation anxiety, and an overall negative impression of self-image.

We’ve helped people work through their anxieties through role-play exercises and undertaking physical exercise, as a means to boost positive outlook and testosterone levels. Overcoming such challenges can be beneficial both career-wise and within interpersonal relationships.

Getting to grips with your full potential

A lot of people have the potential to be successful professionals but are unable to unleash it to its fullest. Some of us get side-tracked by life’s daily routines, some of us simply haven’t realised we possess it. We can help you dive into the core of your personal essence, unravel your unique inner strengths that are currently untapped inside you, and then help you exploit them as a driver for your own success.

We can do this by delving into your personal interests, talents, and strengths through counselling, and then teach you how to utilise your intuition as a means to take action. This latter stage is conducted by a sequence of meditation and role-play exercises.

Sustaining a successful relationship

In many romantic relationships, one of the core causes of a break-up are the anxieties of separation or commitment felt by one of the individuals.

Such fears commonly find their origin in childhood. By undertaking an integrated programme that brings subconscious habits to the table, learning how to cope and react to conflict situations better, and letting go of unresolved fears, the chances of maintaining a healthier, happier and more successful relationship will dramatically increase. We can guide people through the whole process from initial one-to-one counselling sessions to role-play exercises.

Breathing your way into a peaceful state of mind

Historically, specific breathing exercises were given as a means to prevent fatigue, reduce stress, fight depression and bring overall calm to the mind. It is these exercises that we can all continue to practice and enjoy doing today. Little steps which if applied regularly, can have a dramatic impact on our daily outlook.

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