Kundalini Yoga, The Path Of Primal Force

Kundalini is derived from Kunda which means ‘coiled’. In the kunda the primal fire called kundalini resides. The image of a serpent-like fire resting at the root of the spinal column conveys the idea of kundalini. The ultimate success of all yoga practices depends upon the awakening of kundalini. The object of yoga practice is to awaken and lead the primal force, kundalini, upward through sushumna.

Kundalini awakening by Hatha YogaKundalinibanner
According to hatha yoga the kundalini force is awakened by practicing advanced yogic techniques. The most advanced hatha yoga system states that the nervous system furnishes the psychological basis of this aspect of yoga and without its knowledge it is impossible to awaken this sleeping force. By practicing the awakening of kundalini according to the hatha yoga system one establishes complete control over his body. The purpose of hatha yoga is to prepare one for sushumna awakening and to keep the body fit to be an instrument that prevents distractions arising from physical and pranic imbalances. Hatha yoga as a system is very beneficial for preparing the body to be an instrument for pranayama, meditation, and kundalini awakening. But it is only a preparation.

Awakening through practicing Anahata Nada
Anahata nada is the celestial sound heard by the mental ear of a yogi. When a yogi learns not to hear the external sounds, he starts to hear the internal sounds – nada. The anahata sounds resembles the constant sound of a prolonged OHM. This is the sound that captures the heart of the nada student. Anahata nada is the very basis of all music. By practicing Anahata nada one can attain samadhi.

Mantra Yoga
Mantra yoga is one of the branches of tantric yoga, a very effective way to awaken the fountainhead of knowledge. There are three main ways of using mantras: they are chanted loudly, uttered silently, and remembered mentally. Mantras remembered mentally generates powerful energy. Mantra means ‘that which liberates the mind from distractions’.

Awakening Kundalini according through Tantra Yoga
Tantra yoga is the most misunderstood and abused of all practices. The sacred and advanced practices lead the aspirant to the highest state of consciousness but have been caricatured in the West in a crude and superficial way. Tantra philosophy is the highest among all practical philosophies of the East. In tantra yoga, the chakras are used as centres of worship of Shakti, the primal force and mother of the universe. Kundalini awakening is discussed in tantric literature. Kundalini awakening can be obtained by an aspirant with an accomplished teacher which will lead it to its final abode, Shiva, signifying the union of individual soul and cosmic soul.

Source: Choosing a path – Swami Rama

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