Factors Influencing Skin And Hair Ageing

Factors influencing skin ageing
Factors affecting skin ageing include sun exposure, stress, inflammation, sugars, smoking and alcohol. The effects of these factors include dehydration, lower blood supply to the skin and hence decrease of nutrients to the skin, decreased collagen production, increased collagenase production and induction of an inflammatory response.

Factors influencing hair ageingaging-process
Factors affecting hair ageing include sun exposure, air pollution, stress, malnutrition, smoking and alcohol.

How to prevent and slow down ageing of skin and hair
Sufficient hydration, elimination of alcohol and smoking usage, sufficient intake of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids and co-factors of antioxidants will slow down premature skin and hair ageing. Application of oil is a must for a glowing, healthy skin.

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