Eat Yourself Healthy With Proteins

The human body is built out of approximately 20% proteins. Proteins form the basis of all life processes, since they are absolutely essential for each metabolic process and amino acids form the building blocks for proteins.

proteinsSince a large part of our cells, muscles and tissues consist of amino acids, they participate in many important functions of our body: amino acids do not only give structure but are also crucially important in transportation and storage of all nutrients (being water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins). Amino acids influence the functions of organs, glands, tendons and veins.

They are also essential in wound healing and recovery of tissues (especially muscles, bones, skin and hair) and moreover for counteracting the negative consequences which are associated with metabolic disorders.

Most lifestyle diseases like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleeping disorders, erections disorders or osteoarthritis are the result of metabolic disorders. Hair loss and wrinkling are mostly due to a shortage of proteins.

Sufficient uptake of proteins is a necessity for good health, but most people do not take up a sufficient amount of proteins. A person of 50 kilogram preferentially requires 100 grams of proteins. It is important to keep in mind the amount of protein that your body requires depending on your bodyweight and distribute the total protein amount over several meals.

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