4a. Raja Yoga meets Mahakali mantra’s

Namasté, we cordially invite you to experience and enjoy the grace and blessings of Goddess Mahakali.

Special reduced fee: 10 euro

During the event, we will practice balancing breath techniques and meditations from the ancient Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. We will chant mantras and other sacred sounds from the Vedas. The mantras that we will be focusing on during this event are specifically dedicated to the Goddess Mahakali, who is considered the Hindu Goddess known as the destroyer of evil. She is associated with death and rebirth, destruction of the ego and ignorance and other negative qualities and the transcendence of the self.

In this event, we come together and practice from the traditional schools of Yoga, Vedas, and Shaktism (focuses worship upon Shakti or Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother with the use of mantra’s). This event is open to everyone, regardless of your level of experience with meditation or chanting. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, you will find something of value in this event.

Goddess Mahakali is considered to be one of the most powerful and fearsome forms of the divine feminine. She is often depicted as a dark-skinned woman with multiple arms, carrying weapons and skulls. She helps us shed our old identities and embrace new ones. Her destructive power is seen as a necessary step in the process of spiritual growth, as we must let go of our old ways of thinking and being in order to move forward, grow and evolve.

Psychologically, Goddess Mahakali can also be seen as a symbol of the shadow self. The shadow self refers to the parts of ourselves that we try to hide or repress, such as our fears, anger, and negative emotions. Mahakali’s fierce appearance and destructive power can be seen as a call to confront and integrate our shadow selves, rather than pushing them away.

This event is a collaboration between Vedanta Wellbeing PhD & Healing Kaula.

Vinod: Vinod is a medical scientist with a PhD and officially certified yoga teacher in the ancient Raja Yoga of the authentic Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. He is the founder of Vedanta Wellbeing PhD, a personal development consultancy to improve your daily psychological and physical well-being.
He is interested in exploring paths toward Self-Realization, the Science of Mantras, Nada Yoga, Physical, Mental Health, Personal Development, and Healing.

Shri, facilitator at Healing Kaula: Shri is a practitioner on the path of mantras. He explores anything mystical but is primarily invested in the shareable experiences, and transformational mysticism. He is an initiate and an adept student from A Thousand Suns Academy.

Date & time: Saturday 10 June from 19.00 – 21.00.

Price: 10 euro.

Registration and payment via https://hipsy.nl/event/15781-raja-yoga-meets-mahakali-mantras

Warm regards, Namasté,
Vinod and Shri

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